Defunding Arts and Culture: Will It Happen?

I’m encouraged by Potter’s measured assessment of the situation. I’ve got a couple of associations to join and Congressmen to write. Now, who has ideas about how to protect the Legal Services Corporation from this budget?

Claire Bond Potter

I have no evidence that this disgusting portrait of Donald Trump made from Peeps by Wisconsin artist Cynthia Lund Torroll was federally funded.

My guess is no. But if you live in Trump Nation, and your state or city is not committed to restoring cuts with state and local tax dollars, prepare for cuts to the small cultural institutions and programs that make a huge difference to your community.

It doesn’t surprise me that the first Trump budget proposes to eliminate all federal cultural and public broadcast funding. It’s the same script we have been seeing for almost forty years. First, the amounts of federal money devoted to arts and culture are infinitesimal, particularly when you compare them to the military budget, and can be added or subtracted with no fiscal impact. According to Suzanne Nossel, Director of the PEN American Center (who characterizes this move as “a repudiation…

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“Most people are forced to do things they don’t want to for most of the time, and so they get to the point where they feel they no longer have any choices about anything important, including who they are. We create our own slavery. But I’m going to keep on getting through, and finding out the kind of man I am, through my music. That’s the one place I can be free.”

Charles Mingus Jr.